Full screen is super annoying on OS X lately. I use SizeUp which gives me a shortcut for expanding the windows instead of using the green button but i’m still having random encounters with full screen mode because of the shortcut ctrl+shift+f. So here’s how to disable that..or at least make it harder to do by accident:

The Error

The Fix

Make homebrew think /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8 still exists until you successfully update:

If you’re getting errors like:


If that’s still failing make sure gem install works first:

Python’s get_tld works very well but is slow if you’re looking up a batch of domain names. Here’s a faster version that falls back on get_tld:

Common issues caused by bonjour with Teleport:

  • Teleport not connecting
  • Teleport not showing the accept prompt
  • Teleport only able to connect in one direction and not the other
  • Teleport can’t reconnect

Making sure Bonjour is working

  1. Messages.app > Preferences > Accounts > Bonjour > Enable Bonjour instant messaging (on both computers)
  2. Locate your other computer in the buddy list (⌘1) and send a message between computers.
  3. Disable Teleport on both computers
  4. Restart both computers (sorry)
  5. Enable Teleport on both computers and hopefully connect