Python’s get_tld works very well but is slow if you’re looking up a batch of domain names. Here’s a faster version that falls back on get_tld:

Common issues caused by bonjour with Teleport:

  • Teleport not connecting
  • Teleport not showing the accept prompt
  • Teleport only able to connect in one direction and not the other
  • Teleport can’t reconnect

Making sure Bonjour is working

  1. > Preferences > Accounts > Bonjour > Enable Bonjour instant messaging (on both computers)
  2. Locate your other computer in the buddy list (⌘1) and send a message between computers.
  3. Disable Teleport on both computers
  4. Restart both computers (sorry)
  5. Enable Teleport on both computers and hopefully connect

At Starbucks or McDonalds, on airplanes, at libraries or anywhere else they have free wifi you get popups asking you to accept terms and conditions and click a [Connect Now] button.

If you ever have problems getting these screens to display it’s almost certainly because you’re using non-default DNS servers. The solution for me was to go to System Preferences > Network and create a new Location called “Default DNS”.

For most bottleneck debugging Chrome Inspector’s profiles view in invaluable until a bottleneck is identified and then it becomes a bit cumbersome. I like to have a quicker overview of the piece i’m working on optimizing.

I use this small and easy timer snippet.

The VM for the Bitnami Ruby Stack doesn’t have the correct credentials for postgres anywhere that I could find. Incorrect credentials that I saw on the Bitnami site, in the docs hosted on the VM, or on the internet while searching for a solution:

I never found the correct combination but instead simply installed postgres via apt-get and moved the bitnami postgres installation outside of $PATH in case I need it in the future.

Custom cursors in an external CSS file will 404 in Internet Explorer unless your using fully qualified urls. This effects IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 and IE10.

What is happening

Internet Explorer for some ungodly reason treats relative font paths as relative to the page, not relative to the CSS File.

My Fix

You can fully qualify the URL for all clients but I work offline often so I’d rather have Chrome referencing my dev server rather than the production CDN. Normally I’d turn to CSS hacks here but there’s nothing easy to include inline for IE10. I ended up using the ie class which is added via javascript onReady because IE10 doesn’t support conditional comments.

Crucially, to avoid 404s, the my_cursor class is added to elements after adding the ie class to <body>. Checking for IE server side was a strong option but it’s easier to not modify the layout cache to be browser specific.