Disabling the Print hotkey in OS X

The print hotkey is not useful to me. If it opened immediately and was immediately dismissible with esc it would be less frustrating but as it is every time the print dialogue opens I need to wait several seconds before I can dismiss it regardless of which app it’s in.

“⌘+P” has been frustrating me for a while, being next to “⌘+[“. Now that i’m using Sublime Text 2 as my editor of choice it’s worse because “⌘+P” is ST2’s default quick open hotkey.

Addressing the situation

Turns out disabling the print hotkey globally is difficult but changing it is simple and that’s just as good. Pick a key combination you don’t use for anything else, i used “⌃⌥⇧⌘+P”.

Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts. Add custom shortcuts for:

  • Print
  • Print…

If you have any apps like iTerm that use custom menu shortcuts for printing you can also specify those here, using “->” to indicate submenus

  • Shell->Print->Screen



If you want the print hotkey to continue working in a particular program (Word for example) you can add an application specific short cut mapping Print back to “⌘+P”.

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