Checking if a UITableViewCell is fully visible

Sometime you need to know if a UITableViewCell is completely visible and for those times there’s this handy UITableViewCell category.

//Place in UITableViewCell Category
- (BOOL) isCompletelyVisible {
    // For parents category see
    UITableView *tableview = (UITableView *)[self parents:[UITableView class]];
    CGRect rect = [tableview rectForRowAtIndexPath:[tableview indexPathForCell:self]];
    rect = [tableview convertRect:rect toView:tableview.superview];
    BOOL completelyVisible = CGRectContainsRect(tableview.frame, rect);

    return completelyVisible;

I’d like to mention that you can skip this check entirely if your goal is to make sure a cell is completely visible. With UITableViewScrollPositionNone scrollToRowAtIndexPath:atScrollPosition:animated: doesn’t scroll at all if the cell is totally visible and in other cases it scrolls as little as possible which is usually the ideal behavior.

[self.tableview scrollToRowAtIndexPath:[self.tableview indexPathForCell:cell] atScrollPosition:UITableViewScrollPositionNone animated:YES];

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