Animal Match Games for iOS

I built a simple iOS match game for my kids that addresses a few common shortcomings of existing kids apps and then themed it when they wanted more animals.

Differences that I felt were important:

  • There’s nothing to distract from the gameplay. I don’t do promotions, ads, in app purchases or even more inocuous things like a start button or settings page. If the app is open, it’s ready to play.
  • No sounds. My kids love to play with the vibration toggle on my phone and being able to give them something to play with that definitely won’t make noise has been very helpful at times.
  • All 3 are universal apps so it’s not necessary to buy it again on the iPad.

The Apps

Animal Match

animal_match View in App Store

Ocean Match

ocean_match View in App Store

Jungle Match

jungle_match View in App Store

Ocean Match – additional info and attributions
Jungle Match – additional info and attributions

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