Here’s a small selection of the things I’ve been working on recently 🙂


Designed and built a press list sharing and management tool using Rails and Javascript used by PR teams. Lists can be imported from CSV or Excel files.

Scraped articles from thousands of publications into Elasticsearch using Python. Detected reporter name and categories using scraping tools and NLTK. Built classifiers and used several other methods to quantify how much reporter will like a pitch.

Interfaced with SMTP/IMAP APIs to send and receive email from the platform, allowing PR reps to share both their pitches and replies with their team.

Surfaced relevant stats for managers to quickly gauge productivity and effectiveness by employee, by client, or for the whole team.

Designed and built many other features including reporter search, reporter suggestions for existing lists, scheduled sending, cacheing, hit tracking (including importing details from the provided URL), list permissions, list copying, multiple real time editors (like google docs), and more.


Worked with leaders of a company in a niche industry to develop quoting/production tracking software that fits their business more closely than off the shelf solutions, with the intention of opening the software to other businesses in the industry as a SaaS.

Using Rails, built a backend that allowed both Employees and Clients to login, invite team members, and manage basic quotes which include many fields and file uploads. Hosted on Heroku.

Using React and Bootstrap, designed and built the front end and front end components to match the somber, professional look preferred by the business.

Orchestrated many other features based on feedback and business needs including @mentions in comments, email notifications for customers, detailed notification settings (only receive notifications from selected clients, etc), work flow assignment tracking, and more.


Worked with a small team including a designer and a jr developer to build from scratch an HR tool to handle employee issue reporting and well-being checks.

Built a login and team system using rails and mongodb. Built out front end in React/Redux. Added Twilio API integration for sms alerts.